Friday, June 22, 2012

Dance Cake Pops!

I had an order for 40 cake pops a few weeks ago.  The Mom wanted them for her daughter to pass out on the first day of Dance Camp. I found a ballet slipper and dancer mold online that I purchased.  I thought that they were smaller than they were and was just going to put them on a round cake ball.  But b/c the size was about 1 7/8" that wouldn't work.  So I used an oval fondant cutter and shaped each cake ball into an oval shape.  Dipped the cake pop in white chocolate and placed the hot pink ballet slippers/ dancer on.  I bagged them and tied each with two strips of hot pink tulle.

I should've placed them in the bucket randomly so both types could be equally seen.  But I was so tired by the time I finished that I just squeezed them all in there and just to get it done!!!
Not the best picture but they turned out really nice!

The dancer mold had an oval background to it that I did in white.  This is what gave me the idea to use an oval shape cake pop.

I tied some tulle on the handles of the bucket to finish off the look!

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1 comment:

Hot Mess Mami said...

Great job! These are so cute!!