Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally got my Cricut to cut Freezer Paper

Freezer paper stenciling isn't new to me.  I've done it several time before.  Summer Camp Pillows, Recycle T-shirts, Strawberry Shortcake costume and striped tights.  But I cut these out by hand with scissors.  When I got my Cricut over a year ago I envisioned my life becoming easier b/c I would use it to cut lettering out on freezer paper.  But when I tried it never cut correctly.  It always peeled up as it was cutting which messed up the letters.  I'd given up trying after changing the pressure, speed and blade depth several times.

A year later.... My Mother-in-law wanted to make some shirts for her and some of her friends (sorority sisters) using gems.  I have a shirt with my Sorority (Delta Sigma Theta) with the Greek letters and named spelled out in gems that she liked.  I bought some rhinestones along with Memar Mylar Carrier sheets some time ago that I never got around to trying so of course I was all game.  But counting the number of gems that were used on my t-shirt and looking at the cost I realized that it was gonna be pretty pricy so I decided to do freezer paper stenciling instead.

We got the t-shirts from Michaels around Thanksgiving when they were $2.50 ea and some acrylic paint (b/c there was no fabric paint in the color we wanted)  I mixed 2 parts paint with 1 part textile medium so it would adhere to the fabric.

I figured I would have to hand cut my letters b/c I still couldn't get my Cricut to cut right.  This would not have been so bad for the large greek letters but I would not have attempted to cut the small, thin print greek name spelled out. 

I did a Google search on the topic and found a blog post (sorry I don't remember where) that gave tips on cutting freezer paper with the Cricut.  I tried it and it worked!!!  It was simple as laying the freezer paper shiny side UP!  I'd been laying mine shiny side down.  Not really sure why it cut better this way but it worked like a charm.  I think it stuck better to the mat this way.  The blogger mentioned that  her settings were 3 (I assumed that was Medium pressure and Medium speed and her blade was set at 4).  Oh and b/c you iron the shinny side to your fabric, I had to flip the text.  SCAL (Sure Cuts Alot) has a Flip Horizontal button that does just that so it was pretty simple.

With the text reversed, I was ready to cut, peel off my stencil and iron onto my shirts along with the small pieces (center of a, e, P, etc....).  I stenciled the paint on (2-3 thin layers, with freezer paper in between the shirt so the paint didin't bleed through to the back), peeled off when dry and heat set the paint with a hot iron (pressing directly on the paint).

Yay!!  They turned out great!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent - I am thinking about buying a Cricut for exactly this purpose, but did wonder about how to stick down the wax side of freezer paper to the Cricut bed. Thanks again - off to try it!

kess216 said...

I see that this is an older post but THANK YOU SOOOOOO much for posting your cricut setting!!!!! The shirts look great! I hope my project comes out as good.

Margy said...

Although this is an older post I would like to add that I have success cutting plastic side down to a standard matt with middle paper setting or setting between paper and vinyl on my Cricut Explore.