Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cake Pop CRAZY!!

I dropped off  the sewing scene for a while and have been making Cake Pops.  I first found out about them when I came across Bakerella's Blog.  I know that I have read everyone of her post!  I purchased her book and  have been in love with this sweet treat every since.

So here are a few that I've done.  I plan on making other shapes for Christmas so watch out!

I made these for my daughter's class right before they went on Thanksgiving Break.

I made these for an event at church.  Colors: Yellow, Beige, and Cream.  These are my favorites so far!  

These were for my son's Soccer Party.  I have them displayed on a styrofoam circle that I painted to resemble a soccer ball.  I'd planned on sticking the pops in the styrofoam but it didn't work.  I've found that there's 2 types of styrofoam.  This kind was more spongy and didn't form holes all the way when I inserted that stick.  The styrofoam shown above is more crisp and it works perfectly.

I'll be sharing more later.
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Great Job, I purchased a cake pop maker - I haven't used it inspire me lol