Thursday, June 19, 2014

Costumes for Dr. Seuss Parade - Thing 1 & Sally

The Kindergartners participate in a Dr. Seuss Parade each year at my kid's school.  They have to pick their favorite Dr. Seuss book, do a verbal book report in class and dress up as their favorite character for the parade.  I'm behind so I'll recap the costume I made for my soon to be 2nd grader when he was in Kindergarten and my soon to be 1st grader from this past school year.
My son wanted to be Thing 1.  Pretty simple!  I got the idea for the blue hair from this tutorial at  Aren't they the cutest babies?!?!  It was pretty simple.  Since it was a year ago I'm kind of foggy on the Thing 1 template but I think I found it online and brought the wording/image into SCAL and cut out the stencil on my Cricut.  I stenciled it on a piece of white knit fabric and sewed in on a red turtle neck.  VOILA!

Okay, now this past year my daughter wanted to be Sally from The Cat In The Hat.  I used the picture of Sally that was on some fabric I bought from Hancock to help me get started.  I  already had the pattern, which was a skirt and suspenders and added a little touch of ribbon on the back of the suspenders.  She wore it with her white uniform blouse.  I created the red striped tights (just to give it that Dr. Seuss feel) the same way I created the tights from the Strawberry Shortcake costume.  I topped the costume off with a red bow.  I made her tote bag using the fabric from Hancock.  It was pretty big and loaded it down with all kinds of throws for the parade!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Princess Tiana Cake Pops

I made these cake pops for a little girl's Birthday.

Yellow cake pops with green swirls and a purple flower.  Each has a Princess Tiana tag.

On top of this display is a Princess Tiana cut out on a large yellow cake pop with green petals; the rest were yellow cake pops with green loops.
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Dance Cake Pops!

I had an order for 40 cake pops a few weeks ago.  The Mom wanted them for her daughter to pass out on the first day of Dance Camp. I found a ballet slipper and dancer mold online that I purchased.  I thought that they were smaller than they were and was just going to put them on a round cake ball.  But b/c the size was about 1 7/8" that wouldn't work.  So I used an oval fondant cutter and shaped each cake ball into an oval shape.  Dipped the cake pop in white chocolate and placed the hot pink ballet slippers/ dancer on.  I bagged them and tied each with two strips of hot pink tulle.

I should've placed them in the bucket randomly so both types could be equally seen.  But I was so tired by the time I finished that I just squeezed them all in there and just to get it done!!!
Not the best picture but they turned out really nice!

The dancer mold had an oval background to it that I did in white.  This is what gave me the idea to use an oval shape cake pop.

I tied some tulle on the handles of the bucket to finish off the look!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grass Cake Pops

I had to make some cake pops for a friend who was having a Birthday Party for her Dad.  The theme was gonna be Safari/ Military.  She found an idea for grass pops here in which they used green coconut to represent the grass.  I figured green sprinkles would be better since everyone doesn't like coconut.  So here is what they look like!

I purchased the crate from Michael's and bag of grass from Hobby Lobby.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Cowgirl HK, New Business, Lotsa Cake Pops!

So I haven't been doing much sewing lately.  The last thing I sewed was this purse for a little girls 9th birthday.  I've had this Cowgirl HK and horseshoe fabric for a long time.  So glad that I finally used it.  This is a pretty large bag, one of the largest I've made for a little girl.  Approx size is 18x16 in.

I also started my own business!!!!!  So far I've made basically cake pops but I plan to do a little bit of everything.  Check out my FB Page at Rated: PG the Perfect Gift.

I made 50 cake pops for a little girl's 1st Communion.  They were all white with swirls and a silver cross.  The cross is drawn on with white chocolate and painted with Wilton's Silver Pearl Dust.

Here is where I made Ice Cream Cone cake pops for the first time.  I LOVE these.  I ended up making some for all 4 of my kids end of the year parties and I had one order for a teacher's class.

Ice Cream on a stick!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally got my Cricut to cut Freezer Paper

Freezer paper stenciling isn't new to me.  I've done it several time before.  Summer Camp Pillows, Recycle T-shirts, Strawberry Shortcake costume and striped tights.  But I cut these out by hand with scissors.  When I got my Cricut over a year ago I envisioned my life becoming easier b/c I would use it to cut lettering out on freezer paper.  But when I tried it never cut correctly.  It always peeled up as it was cutting which messed up the letters.  I'd given up trying after changing the pressure, speed and blade depth several times.

A year later.... My Mother-in-law wanted to make some shirts for her and some of her friends (sorority sisters) using gems.  I have a shirt with my Sorority (Delta Sigma Theta) with the Greek letters and named spelled out in gems that she liked.  I bought some rhinestones along with Memar Mylar Carrier sheets some time ago that I never got around to trying so of course I was all game.  But counting the number of gems that were used on my t-shirt and looking at the cost I realized that it was gonna be pretty pricy so I decided to do freezer paper stenciling instead.

We got the t-shirts from Michaels around Thanksgiving when they were $2.50 ea and some acrylic paint (b/c there was no fabric paint in the color we wanted)  I mixed 2 parts paint with 1 part textile medium so it would adhere to the fabric.

I figured I would have to hand cut my letters b/c I still couldn't get my Cricut to cut right.  This would not have been so bad for the large greek letters but I would not have attempted to cut the small, thin print greek name spelled out. 

I did a Google search on the topic and found a blog post (sorry I don't remember where) that gave tips on cutting freezer paper with the Cricut.  I tried it and it worked!!!  It was simple as laying the freezer paper shiny side UP!  I'd been laying mine shiny side down.  Not really sure why it cut better this way but it worked like a charm.  I think it stuck better to the mat this way.  The blogger mentioned that  her settings were 3 (I assumed that was Medium pressure and Medium speed and her blade was set at 4).  Oh and b/c you iron the shinny side to your fabric, I had to flip the text.  SCAL (Sure Cuts Alot) has a Flip Horizontal button that does just that so it was pretty simple.

With the text reversed, I was ready to cut, peel off my stencil and iron onto my shirts along with the small pieces (center of a, e, P, etc....).  I stenciled the paint on (2-3 thin layers, with freezer paper in between the shirt so the paint didin't bleed through to the back), peeled off when dry and heat set the paint with a hot iron (pressing directly on the paint).

Yay!!  They turned out great!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

If Reindeer Could Talk.....

My Reindeer Cake Pops!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cake Pops for the Holidays

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I've been making a lot of cake pops for the holidays for gifts and I had my very 1st order!  Here are a few....

I made 2 of these for my kid's teachers

For my Godparents

My 1st Cake Pop order Complete!

Snowmen & Christmas Tree Pops!

More Christmasy Pops

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Drawstring Christmas Bags

I only sewed Christmas gifts for 1 child's class this year.  I didn't do my usual Christmas Stockings like I've done the past 2 yrs.  Since I got a late start I figured drawstring bags would be a lot quicker.  Using the same concept as the drawstring back pack I made these bags.

Fabric came from Hancock.  12 Blue for the boys and 8 red for the girls.  For time sake and a different look the boys have a one sided drawstring.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Wonderland Cake Pops

Here are more Cake Pops!  I made these for my son's Winter Wonderland (Christmas) Party.  I put one at each table!

Wilton Blue (looks like Tiffany blue) cake pops and swirls sprinkled with white Sanding Sugar

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

So the plan was to make 2 costumes this year, Ben 10 and Minnie Mouse.  My oldest son wanted to be Ben 10 (again).  But he wanted the 'older' Ben 10 costume.  All I would've had to make would have been the green jacket but I just ran out of steam and decided to make Minnie.

So here we go!

This was my Inspiration
I used this Simplicity pattern to make the skirt. (style on the right)I loved this pattern.  No gathering involved just a circular pattern, when sewn it looks like gathers!

I found the pink/ white polka dot fabric for the skirt from Jo-Ann.  

I bought the pink t-shirt and added a white 
collar and button.  I folded my oldest daughter's uniform blouse in half so I could get a shape of her rounded collar.  I traced it on some paper to make a pattern and cut the white knit out (on the fold).

Collar basted on t-shirt

Minnie's Ears & Bow

I used some black felt (it was actually adhesive b/c that's what I had but you can just use regular felt).  I created a pattern with a circle and adding a tab that would wrap around the head band, cut pattern on fold to get what you see in the picture below.  I used a somewhat stiff interfacing between the felt ears so it would be stiff and not flop.  B/c the felt was adhesive the interfacing stuck to it which was great.  I then hand sewed the ears together (front/back).  

Now on to the that Huge bow Minnie wears.  I cut/ sewed 2 squares together,  left and opening and turned right side out.  I stuffed it and sewed the opening up.  I put a narrow hem on the long sides of a strip of fabric and wrapped it around the square piece to make a bow and stitched it together.  I then hand sewed the bow to the ears.

And here's Minnie!

The collar was longer than I planned and it lapped over but I ended up liking it that way!  I sewed a big white button off center.  I put on her a long sleeved black leotard and black tights to complete the look.  The gloves are from WalMart.  I bought them over a year ago on clearance; that's when I decided that her costume would be Minnie for 2011.

Here are all the kids on Halloween!

Mater, Batman, Minnie Mouse & Batgirl

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